Debunking the Myth of Winter Carpet Cleaning

February 22, 2018

Posted by D. A. Burns

Debunking the Myth of Winter Carpet Cleaning

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Rumor has it that cleaning installed carpet during the winter months is a bad idea, especially here in the chilly, wet Pacific Northwest. Like all rumors, this stems from a few ideas that sound reasonable:

  1. “I need to open my windows to properly dry my carpets, and it’s too cold outside for that – they’ll never dry completely.”

  1. “I like to stay indoors during these cold winter months, and indoor activities don’t dirty up my carpet.”

  1. “I’m outside all the time. If I get my carpets cleaned now, I’ll probably just track mud in again next week.”

While these thoughts all seem reasonable, they’re not completely factual. Getting your carpet cleaned in the winter is no different than getting it cleaned in any other season. Let’s consider …

My Carpet Won’t Dry Fast Enough

First of all, our in-home cleaning methods and procedures leave your installed carpet damp to the touch, not wet.  Although some interior air exchange is helpful, it is not necessary to open doors and windows to facilitate final drying.  In fact, in some cases, carpets will dry faster in the wintertime because warm, dry interior air can absorb more moisture, facilitating the carpet drying process. 

On top of that, we accelerate the drying of your cleaned carpet with high-volume air movers to return your carpet to normal use with a minimum of inconvenience. When we leave, your cleaned carpet can be nearly completely dry.     

We also use Door Canvas guards where our cleaning hoses come into your home. The Door Canvas completely fills the door opening with a temporary barrier that keeps heat – and your pets – inside while we work.

D. A. Burns Door Canvas for On-Location Cleaning D. A. Burns Door Canvas Hose for On-Location Cleaning

Indoor Activities Produce Less Carpet Soil

It’s true we tend to stay inside more in the Winter, as the outdoors becomes less inviting. But, it’s also true that atmospheric soil (from cooking and heating sources) and allergens can get trapped in your carpet. Think about the soil you may have carried in from the garage, or the leaves and mud brought in by your four-legged family member. To provide a healthy, indoor environment you’ll want to ensure that you’re removing those pollutants that can diminish your indoor air quality. Keeping to your regular carpet cleaning schedule, regardless of the season, makes for a happy, healthy home.

At D. A. Burns, we’ve been “cleaning green” before it was popular. We use environmentally responsible products, coupled with van-equipped, hot-water extraction cleaning. Our cleaning introduces no harsh cleaning agents and leaves no soil-attracting residue behind. You’ll breathe easier after our thorough cleaning—even in the “cooped-up” winter months.

Outdoor Activities Will Make My Carpets Dirty Again

Seattle is well-known for it’s rain, there is no denying that. And with rain, brings mud – a challenge to clean carpet. However, we do not accept the claim that it is pointless to clean your carpets if they’ll just get dirty again.

We offer a soil retardant and stain protectant, Scotchgard™, to keep your carpets looking cleaner, longer. The stain protectant bonds with the carpet fibers to form an invisible barrier again water and oil-based stains, making your carpet more soil retardant and resistant to stains. Not only can you enjoy a faster and easier removal of tracked-in soil, Scotchgard™ also provides protection from permanent stains, as well.

Once your installed carpet is professionally cleaned, keep it cleaner, longer with these 3 basic steps:

  1. If you track in dirt, address it immediately. Vacuum thoroughly and frequently. A quick run of the vacuum will keep your “just-cleaned” carpet look lasting longer.

  1. Promptly remove any stains, spots or spills. While the Scotchgard™ stain protectant will do its job, you don’t want spills or “accidents” to dwell for a long period of time.  Click here for our Carpet Spot Removal Guide

  1. Periodic overall cleaning. Don’t wait until April for your annual “spring cleaning” – give your carpets, area rugs and upholstery frequent attention.

Ready to book an appointment?

Rest assured our service team is ready for cleaning year-round. In addition to our carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning throughout the Seattle and Bellevue areas, we also offer stone, tile and grout cleaning, carpet binding and serging and the hand repair of Oriental and hand-knotted rugs.  Click here to visit us at

At D.A. Burns, we understand and respect that we are invited guests in your home.  Our friendly technicians have years of training and experience. They are prepared to solve problems and answer your questions in the moment, use only the most effective and least-intrusive carpet cleaning methods and equipment and are knowledgeable in the cleaning of specific textile fibers. The "reviews" section of our website provides a first-hand glimpse of what our clients think of us.

Whether your need is for a restorative carpet cleaning throughout, or a touch-up of high traffic areas, we’re ready to help. In fact, we’re happy to provide you with a complimentary, written service proposal to detail all the information you need to make a thoughtful service decision and avoid any surprises.

We believe in working efficiently – in a friendly, professional manner – to provide you with a convenient and rewarding service experience. Our service team is happy to serve clients every month of the year—for your planned cleaning and those unexpected “accidents”. We’re just a phone call away. Call D.A. Burns today to schedule your winter cleaning.

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