Why Invest in Scotchgard® Carpet and Upholstery Protection?

March 09, 2017

Posted by D. A. Burns

Why Invest in Scotchgard® Carpet and Upholstery Protection?

The holiday season is time to enjoy family and friends.

Along with all of the celebration often comes an unexpected surprise.

Wine spilled on carpet

Let us help you be prepared with our carpet and upholstery protector special offer.

When it comes to carpet and fabric protection, Scotchgard® is second to none. Scotchgard® forms a protective barrier between the carpet fibers, shielding it from dirt and grime. Not only does Scotchgard® help protect your interior furnishing investment, it is also committed to protecting the environment, with a patented formula that has passed the regulatory reviews of the Environmental Protecting Agency.

Benefits of Scotchgard® Carpet & Fabric Protector include:

  • Helping protect your carpet and fabric against oil and water-based spills such as fruit drinks, soft drinks, and other food and drink related stains.
  • Helping soils release more readily during carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  • Helping your upholstery and fabric stay cleaner, longer.

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