Should I Have a Pad Under My Area Rug?

March 02, 2018

Posted by D. A. Burns

Should I Have a Pad Under My Area Rug?

Perhaps you searched for weeks—or even months—to find the perfect area rug, and you finally found it! It’s that beautiful addition to the room that truly makes your décor complete.

To ensure a long life for your rug, and to enjoy it to the fullest, the first thing you should do is buy a high-quality pad (otherwise known as underlayment) to place beneath it. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • To properly hold it in place. Now that you’ve got the ideal rug on display, the last thing you want is for it to be off-center. A pad will have gripping power that the rug itself won’t.

  • To provide adequate comfort. With a cushion beneath the rug’s surface, those walking across it will do so with greater support, plus the extra layer provides impact resistance to extend the life of the rug.

  • To promote ample safety. A wrinkled rug can be a tripping hazard and lead to painful, avoidable accidents. With the pad holding the rug smoothly in place, those hazards are greatly reduced.

  • To allow for breathability. With flow-through ventilation circulating beneath your rug, vacuuming is easier and more effective … and odors are minimized.

  • To prevent damage. Even weight-heavy rugs can allow fine, abrasive soil to sift through to the floor. This particulate soil can cause damage to your floor and your rug. A pad can prevent that.

Selecting the Perfect Rug Pad

Whether your area rug sits on a hard-surface floor or over wall-to-wall carpet, we supply premium pad options for both. And don’t worry about size … we’ll custom cut the pads to fit your rugs! All of our rug pads offer maximum non-slip traction and extended wear.

Hard-surface Options

We offer three choices when it comes to purchasing a pad to place between your area rug and a hard-surface floor:

1. DuraHold

This type of pad is made from recycled new carpet fiber and possesses a thick-enough cushion to protect the rug from walking weight impact. It also has a back-coating to resist movement, is washable and comes with a ten-year warranty. It’s our most popular pad to use under area rugs placed on hard-surface flooring.

DuraHold Rug Pad for Area Rugs

2. Eco Supreme Rug Pad

This hypo-allergenic option is Carpet & Rug Institute Green Label Certified . With a synthetic moisture barrier backing, spills (and pet “accidents”) are prevented from penetrating through and damaging your floor. And Eco Supreme is safe for use over radiant-heated floors.

Eco Supreme Rug Pad for Area Rugs

3. Wunder Grip Rug Pad

Unlike less expensive, hardware store mesh pads, the material in WunderGrip pad consists of expanded vinyl foam, which prevents discoloring or degrading of your floor. It’s ideal for smaller rugs where a low rug profile should be maintained. Plus, it’s washable and comes with a 20-year warranty on its non-slip properties.

Wunder Grip Rug Pad for Area Rugs

Eco Supreme vs. DuraHold:  Why choose one over the other?

While both are excellent choices, there are a few notable distinctions to keep in mind when making your final decision:

  • DuraHold provides superior grip, especially when the area rug is not anchored by furnishings.

  • DuraHold has a rubber backing typically lasting 7 — 8 years (10-year warranty).

  • Eco Supreme features a new closed-cell technology that creates a moisture barrier to restrict spills/pet accidents from damaging your floor.

  • Eco Supreme is hypo-allergenic, so those prone to breathing sensitivities are unaffected.

  • Eco Supreme’s synthetic backing will not break down when used over radiant heated floors.

Installed (wall-to-wall) Carpet Options

Anyone that has tried to use an area rug over their installed carpet knows that the area rug will move and wrinkle, even if furniture is placed on the rug. This is due to how the nap and nap direction of the installed carpet affects the area rug. In most cases the answer is to use a pad made specifically for rug-over-carpet. Our recommended solutions work in two different ways:

1. NoMuv

NoMuv pad, made from recycled new carpet fiber, features one side that’s “grippy” and one side that’s “slippy.” When placed over installed carpet, the “slippy" side enables the wall-to-wall carpet nap to move without moving the area rug, while the “grippy” side holds the rug firmly in place. This NoMuv option is washable and comes with a 10-year warranty.

No Muv Rug Pad

2. Wunder Lock

Wunder Lock is a thin, white felt pad coated with a dry adhesive that won’t transfer to a carpet. It works exceptionally well to hold small rugs in place and in some cases can be used under larger rugs. It can also be moved several times without losing its tack.

Wunder Lock Rug Pad

Need some extra assistance choosing the best pad for your area rug? Give us a call at 206.782.2268. Even better, if you’re within the greater Seattle and Bellevue area, our trained professionals be happy to give you a hand with delivery and placement.

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