5 Reasons Why Every Great Rug Needs a Pad

October 25, 2018

Posted by D. A. Burns

5 Reasons Why Every Great Rug Needs a Pad

d.-a.-burns-rug-pad-blog-photo-frog.jpgBefore we start, we want to ask you a couple of serious, deep, and thought-provoking questions.

Q. Where does a mouse hang out?

A. His mouse pad. 

Another question:

What do you think of, when you think of a pad?  An iPad/eye pad/Pad Thai… or the most exciting of all pads, rug pads?

You don’t think rug pads are exciting? Ever? Well, read ahead and pad thoughts will stick in your head like the top 40 hit, Who Let the Dogs Out. Sorry.

Rug pad…it’s where your rug hangs out.

Why would my rug even need a pad?  

A good question, and the simple answer is, a rug pad of some type is usually a good idea.

There are a few rugs used in specific places that don’t need a pad. For instance, a fuzzy bathroom throw rug may already have a sticky non-skid backing, and outdoor mats may use a vinyl back that stands up well to outdoor use. There are some types of carpet that have a cushion backing already attached, but may still need a non-skid pad if used as an area rug.

Here are 5 reasons why having a pad is a good idea.

Reason #1

Cush is one reason to use a rug pad, either for additional comfort, warmth or quieting footsteps.

Reason #2

Protecting the rug from wear. We do a lot of rug repair, and most of our effort goes into fixing rug ends and side finishes. We cut the pad a little smaller than the rug, lowering the sides and ends of the rug out of the path of swinging feet.

Reason #3

Protecting the rug backing and floor from abrasion. Every footstep on a loose rug shifts the rug sideways slightly in that area and can cause wear between the floor and rug back.  The finest grit will work through the rug backing and act like sandpaper when the rug shifts. We’ve seen the floor under a rug with no pad look like it was sanded to prep for refinishing, while the exposed floor looked fine. Pad will contain dust to prevent that.

Reason #4

Protecting the floor from liquid spills is possible with the use of a pad that has a moisture barrier. If one of our pet friends has an accident, that or any other liquid doesn’t have to damage the hardwood underneath.

Reason #5

Keep the rug from moving. Maybe the most important reason to use a rug pad is to keep the rug from moving. Rugs are textiles, essentially heavy pieces of fabric, so they will wrinkle and slide in use. The right pad can minimize slip and trip hazards.

OK, I need a pad. What kind of pad?

The answer requires a little more information and depends on the type of rug and where it is being used.

  • A thin pad is needed where a rug needs to clear a low door swing or to keep the overall height of the rug/pad combo low.
  • Small rugs are most prone to slipping, so are most in need of a non-skid pad.
  • A pad that is washable may help avoid the cost of replacing your rug pad after an accident.
  • Rugs used over installed carpet need a specialized pad made for that purpose.

If you love your rug, call us at 206.782.2268 to find the right one. It’s where your rug hangs out.

PS: Check out D. A. Burns rug pad choices!  We really have sifted through hundreds of products to find what we think are the best rug pads: Those that do what they’re supposed to, for a long time, with no unintended side effects.

PPS: It is important to note that there are a lot of pads that look alike, but the cheaper pad is typically made using a shortcut that won’t be immediately obvious. There are “non-skid” pads sold on-line or in hardware stores that look like the more expensive non-skid pad. Unfortunately, the “stick” is provided by a sticky adhesive sprayed onto string. The pad will stick as advertised, but will leave a difficult to remove residue on the floor.  Some “natural rubber” pads will break down to either sticky goo or quickly dry out and crumble. Pad designed to be used under installed carpet is pretty inexpensive, but can’t stand up to the shifting of a loose rug and quickly comes apart.  Some felt pads flatten out so quickly that they need to be replaced within months.

It may be an old saying, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Except for the free advice we’ve just given you—that’s priceless.


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