Rug Serging - Additional Choices at Lower Prices

January 15, 2019

Posted by D. A. Burns

Rug Serging - Additional Choices at Lower Prices


At D. A. Burns, we’re busy turning off-the-roll carpet into custom sized, area rugs. Although we create a lot of custom fabrications, carpet often becomes an area rug simply by finishing the edges with an accent edge treatment. Many people are familiar with carpet binding – a process of sewing a tailored fabric to the carpet edge, giving the new area rug a more finished appearance. Serging is a little fancier, more labor intensive look that is done by wrapping yarn around the carpet edge.

Machine Serging with Cotton and Synthetic Yarn

We have a large inventory of colors in the most traditional serging material – cotton – including some new heathered colors that better match some of the more rustic looking, multi-hued carpet. If someone likes the look of a serged edge but intends to use the rug in a hostile environment, where the rug will be subject to a lot of foot traffic or outdoor use, we can serge the rug using a UV stabilized synthetic yarn.

Rug Edges Hand Wrapped in Wool

Since machine-made rugs with hand wrapped wool edges have become popular, design professionals and rug owners often ask, “Following my requested rug alterations, could you serge the new edges with wool?” Sure we can, we just finish the edges the same way they did it in the old country – by hand wrapping the edges with wool yarn. Of course, we routinely – and meticulously – add this hand wrapped wool edge treatment to hand-knotted rugs in our care.


Machine Serging with Wool


Being fairly time consuming, hand wrapping carries a higher price tag, which prompts the next question,  “Why can’t you machine serge my rug using wool?” In the past, wool yarn made for machine sewing was intended for the clothing industry, and we found the yarn was not durable enough to stand up to foot traffic. The wool yarns we use for hand wrapping are appropriate for rug edges but could not be used with a serging sewing machine due to the irregular thickness and varying resistance to breakage … until now.

Working with yarn producers and equipment manufacturers, we’ve found a better version of the wool used to make rugs and have adapted a specialized sewing machine to apply it to rug and carpet edges. Through consistent improvement of the process, we’ve created a great looking, wool serged edge in a lot less time than it takes to do the hand work (hand wrapping). Since time savings are cost savings, we can pass those savings along to you.

Check out our Carpet Edge Serging service page and give us a call to get the new, lower pricing for heathered and wool serging.


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