My Rug "Tip Shearing" Experience

March 07, 2019

Posted by D. A. Burns

My Rug "Tip Shearing" Experience

As a long-time customer of D. A. Burns, I was curious when I learned of their rug tip shearing service.  Years ago, I was struck by the pattern and colors of a Missoni designed, wool area rug. So, I bought it and we have been enjoying it since.  Recently, it became more evident to me that the rug seemed to have become “faded”. A closer look revealed that the rug had lost its color at the tips of the face yarns, but the rich, vibrant colors remained below.

I took the rug to D. A. Burns to inquire about their tip shearing service. The friendly guy who greeted me agreed with my assessment and suggested that the rug’s exposure to light over the years had caused the color loss on the tips of the wool yarn. He advised that a careful, slight shearing of the tips would remove the faded yarn ends and expose the rug’s original rich color and design. Boy, was he right or what?


(Before on the left; After on the right)

After returning my “new” Missoni rug home, I couldn’t help but take a closer look at our entry rug. It’s a 9’ x 12’ Indo-Persian rug that we purchased while traveling in India a number of years ago.


This entry rug receives some unusual wear. Our adopted, rescue dog is some sort of hound who loves to run. When it’s too cold to be outdoors, he will do “laps” down a long hall from the family room to the front entry rug (the 9’ x 12’ Indo-Persian), upon which he skids to a stop and executes an abrupt U-turn to sprint back down the hall. Over time, all of this paw and nail activity has roughed up the rug’s wool pile.  


I wondered if D. A. Burns could tip shear this rug, as well, and clean up the fuzzy rug surface. So, I called them. The folks at D. A. Burns refer to this face yarn condition as yarn “sprouting” or “texture distortion” and were optimistic that my rug’s appearance could be improved. I arranged for them to pick up the rug for cleaning and possibly their tip shearing service. Following the rug’s cleaning, I received a call from D. A. Burns suggesting my rug’s appearance would be enhanced with tip shearing.

Voila! The cheery D. A. Burns’ guys returned my rug and not only was it clean, but the tip shearing service had restored the sharp look that first attracted us to it years ago in India. We now need to encourage our hound to confine his running to the outdoors.


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