Carpet Tile Goes Residential

March 10, 2017

Posted by D. A. Burns

Carpet Tile Goes Residential

The use of carpet tile can be a solution in areas challenged by pets, since a section can be easily removed, thoroughly cleaned or replaced when severely stained or worn.

Carpet tiles being installed indoors  Carpet tiles installed outdoors

Many of you have found other applications of carpet tiles – mud room, laundry room, playroom, home exercise area – and a way to cover and protect hardwood flooring until the kids get a little older.  Basically, anywhere the look and feel of carpet is desired but without a more permanent installation.

Manufacturers have responded to homeowner demand by offering more color and style options, higher pile and lighter-weight constructions and attached cushion backing.  Also, some carpet tile installation has been simplified with “floating” techniques that use clips or adhesive tabs that are not adhered to the floor.

Both commercial and residential carpet tile can vary in price.  The more expensive tile will typically have a heavier backing material and more dense construction, so it may be worth the cost in high use areas.

If properly installed, carpet tile can be cleaned in place or individual tiles can be brought to D. A. Burns for a thorough in-plant cleaning.


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