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D. A. Burns Bellevue area cleaning services.

Did you know that D. A. Burns & Sons provides cleaning services to the entire Eastside? Our on-location cleaning area stretches from Kirkland north to Bothell, east to Woodinville, south around the Pine Lake Plateau to Snoqualmie and back through Issaquah and Renton.

We have a dedicated team based in Bellevue to provide efficient service to our Eastside customers.

D. A. Burns on-location carpet cleaning. Bellevue, KIrkland, Pine Lake Plateau, Issaquahu D. A. Burns furniture cleaning Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah

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Stone and tile cleaning
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Bellevue/Medina rug delivery

Our Bellevue location at 13830 Bel-Red Road has a knowledgeable staff that will load and unload rugs from your vehicle (you save 20% by brining them to us) and will give you pricing at the time you drop the rugs off.

Rug repair and custom fabricated rugs are handled at the Bellevue location, and if you need a new rug pad they can cut one to fit.

D. A. Burns Bellevue location 13830 Bel-Red RoadBellevue D. A. Burns carpet binding and repair services