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Re-sizing Existing Rugs

Have a favorite rug that doesn’t fit in your new space? We can make it fit.

Found a really hip rug that doesn’t come in a big enough size? We can put two or more together.

Have an old rug with permanent stains? Surgery may save it.

Left – This Oriental style rug had multiple permanent stains in the cream border. The rug owner had decided to discard it.

Right – The rug after removing the damaged border. The ‘new’ rug is finished and ready for another life.


If you have a room that is longer or shorter than the ‘rectangle’ that is the most common shape for pre-existing area rugs, we can help.

Rather than removing one end and leaving an unbalanced pattern, we took the center out of this rug.

It is now ‘custom-fit’ to the room.




The major elements of the rug pattern are carefully aligned. In this case the rug seam will be hand-sewn to ensure that alignment stays true and to make a seam that will last for the life of the rug.







The finished seam from the pile side (top) of the rug.