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Custom Border Rugs

Why have a custom rug made just for you?

  • It will fit your room
  • It will fit your decor
  • It might cost less than other high-quality rugs

Although you can have a rug custom tufted or custom knotted, it can be months between your order and delivery of the finished rug. A rug fabricated from existing carpet by D. A. Burns can be delivered in about two weeks!

For simpler rugs all we need is the carpet and the finished size, plus your choice for border sizes and edge finish.

Give us a call to get started: 206.782.2268.


Note: Hiring a design professional can be recommended for help with complex designs or finding just the right carpet material. A designer’s eye for color and texture can also help draw everything in your decor together.



This rug was made using a patterned cut and loop carpet for the center (field) and plush cut-pile for the borders.

The borders match colors in the room furnishings and work to ‘pull together’ the various pieces of the decor. Since the border is slightly higher than the field carpet the edges of the border were beveled for a smoother transition.

A little extra flair was added using a tapestry rope detail that was also used to finish some throw pillows.












Here woven wool border material is hand-sewn to a complimentary style of woven wool field carpet. Rather than purchasing a rug in a standard size, a custom rug can fit the room.

The picture on the right shows how the carpeting is fitted and hand-sewn. This type of seam will last for the life of the rug.



Sometimes, the cheaper option is not a bargain…


This type of corner is called a ‘butt’ joint, and is typical of rugs made by technicians with little experience making area rugs.  Area rugs will always flex with foot traffic, and this type of seam is prone to failure. D. A. Burns will always make a diagonal seam in the corners of a border rug, and if required will hand-sew those corners.





This border rug was ordered from a carpet dealer’s catalogue. It was assembled using a glue gun. When the seams began to fail the rug owner learned that the warranty was for the carpet, not the border rug assembly.

We were able to save the rug by taking it apart and reassembling it properly.