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Fringe for area rugs

When the fringe on your rug becomes weak from age, worn from normal use, or discolored due to accident, we can replace it with a strong and bright new sewn-on fringe. Applying a pre-manufactured fringe allows for a significant cost saving over fringe woven by hand, and is appropriate for use on all machine-made rugs and many hand-knotted rugs.




A rug fringe will typically last between three and fifteen years depending on use and what was done to the rug during manufacturing. When it was made the rug on the left was treated with bleach to soften the colors. This also makes the fringe yarns brittle and reduces their longevity. On the right is the same rug with a replacement fringe of strong, unbleached cotton.


In-stock fringe comes in three types:

Brush fringe

 Small knot fringe

Large knot fringe








And in five colors: 


Specialty fringe appropriate for classic older woven and other rugs is also in stock:

Tan colored fringe with narrow fabric suits older rugs. The double-knot is also available in gray and khaki.

Give us a call at 206.782.2268 for more information, or stop by our Seattle or Bellevue stores to see how new fringe will look on your rug.