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Carpet Edge Binding

D. A. Burns has long been the leading supplier of edge binding services in the Greater Seattle and Bellevue area. We have the largest in-stock supply of edge treatments and we use only top-quality made in the USA materials.

Our selection of in-stock and special order cotton binding colors can be found here: Cotton Color Chart

There is a difference to D. A. Burns binding. Looking closely at new binding the difference may be slight, but it doesn’t take long for foot traffic to make the difference obvious.

Left – D. A. Burns heavy weight cotton binding.                    Right – Economy binding.

Left – D. A. Burns finished binding                                         Right – finished economy binding


Carpet Workroom Gallery

This is the air suspension table at our Seattle location. We have one at our Bellevue location as well.

Fans push air through holes in the surface, allowing the rug or carpet to float. We can finish an edge of a rug and spin it easily to work on the next edge…

It allows us to use heavy duty binding equipment and better quality materials, and helps keep our costs, and prices, lower by improving the efficiency of the binding process.

More to come…