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▪ Opening Day of Boating Season
▪ What’s Special About Outdoor Fabrics
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Opening Day of Boating Season 

The spring rain may keep some of us in hibernation, but it’s time to feel optimistic about better weather just around the corner. With the annual opening day of boating season on the first Saturday in May, we often have a rush of last-minute service requests from boaters who are spiffing up everything from ski boat tops to yacht interiors.

It might be time for you to put the “show” back in your floating showpiece. Here are three ways we can help:

1. Cleaning of Outdoor Marine Fabric.

We can clean boat tops and all manner of marine deck fabric … from sail covers and rain dodgers to your window and tender covers. All exterior fabric cleaning is protected with a stain-repellant treatment to keep your boat looking its best, longer.

2. Cleaning Marine Interiors.

We have extensive experience cleaning and protecting marine interiors – carpet, upholstery and headliners – and are mindful to protect adjacent finishes.

3. Edge Treatments for Weather-Resistant Carpet.
For carpet exposed to the elements, we can apply Sunbrella™ brand acrylic edge-binding with a variety of finished widths.

Beat the Opening Day rush and call or come in today!


For those of you that enjoy the outdoors on land, we can also clean outdoor furniture cushions on-location or in our shop, and clean patio umbrellas and larger outdoor fabrics at our shop. And, a carpet with a weather-resistant edge binding can put the finishing touches on your outdoor living space.


Call us — 206.782.2268 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


 What’s Special About Outdoor Fabrics?

Today, most outdoor fabric is made of a synthetic material designed to be resistant to sun fading. Closed-cell foams are used for cushion interiors so a little rain won’t hurt. They’re tough enough to stand up to both the weather and the more aggressive use that comes with being used outdoors.

Still, the effects of sun, contaminants in the air, “friendly droppings” and even moss and fungi can significantly shorten the life of these materials. As tough as they are, using inappropriate cleaning procedures can result in fabric shrinkage. (Unfortunately, a fact not known by many carpet and upholstery cleaners.) The use of the correct fabric protectant is also critical, as the wrong choice can do more harm than good and may void the fabric’s warranty.

At D. A. Burns, we work directly with leading carpet and fabric manufacturers, so our technicians are always up-to-date with the best practices and procedures needed to care for your furnishings.


FAQ: What Does UV Stabilized Mean?

Almost everything is affected by exposure to light, with the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum being the primary culprit of color fading, weakening of cotton and the oxidizing of synthetic fabric plasticizers. For outdoor use, synthetic fabrics have a component built-in to protect against the effects of UV exposure, making them superior to the cotton that was once used for boat tops and patio awnings. Nothing lasts forever, but synthetic fabrics that are “UV stabilized” will last longer when put to exterior use.

That’s why we use “UV stabilized” thread whenever we apply a Sunbrella™ binding to a carpet. Contrary to common industry practice, D. A. Burns stands behind our work – and materials. Longevity of your carpet investment is important to us … and, we want to clean the carpets we fabricate so they provide you enjoyment for many seasons.